Breaking through the Glass Ceiling of “Almost” (Part 2 of 2)

If you read part one of my two-part post, you’ll remember we discussed fear and uncertainty and self-sabotage that prevent you from completing your goals to achieve success. For part two, I will discuss two more obstacles that stand between us and success— external oppositions and self-doubt.

3. You External Oppositions Influence You

When you are fully committed and dedicated to completing a task, someone comes up to you, says a few negative things, walks away, and leaves you questioning your actions, ability, and strategy. Perhaps, an unexpected event occurs and completely derails us.

Suddenly, we are not so sure if we should complete the task. With our focused shifted, our tasks becomes forgotten and we remain unhappy and unsuccessful. You need to stronger than that. You do not need a naysayer or an event to influence you to stop working towards reaching your goals.

Here’s What I Want You to Do: Instead of focusing all your brain power to thinking about the problem, you need to focus your brain power on coming up with a solution to tackle the problem. If you keep focusing on the problem, you are exhausting yourself and depleting yourself off energy. Instead, focus all of your energy into resolving your problem. Decide what you want to achieve and then think of the solution that will help you achieve the result you seek.

4. You Burden Yourself with Self-doubt

At some point in our life, we have all have doubted our abilities to carry out a task successfully. When we plant that seed of self-doubt into our brain, we forgo doing that task. In a way, our uncertainty becomes our downfall.
When someone else is not poisoning your brain with thoughts of self-doubt, then you are doing that. Critiquing your every thought will never allow you to move forward in life. For once, it will wreak havoc on your self-confidence. Stop over analyzing your flaws and letting them influence you halt your progress and abort your goal.

Here’s What I Want You to Do: If you read part one, you will know the first two reasons that act as barriers to your success are fear and uncertainty and self-sabotage. When you doubt yourself, you open the door to let fear and uncertainty and self-sabotage in and take shelter inside your mind.

I want you to dismiss the negative thoughts and take small steps to achieving the intended actions needed to achieve your goals. With each step you take, the next step will become clearer and soon, you will find your footing. If you trip and fall, you need to learn where the false step was and move forward by taking a better next step. Always keep moving forward and never look backwards!

Remember, all of the four lessons taught to you in part one and two. If you want to defeat the curse of “almost,” you need to understand how to overcome fear and uncertainty, self-sabotage, external oppositions, and self-doubt.

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