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My experience as a single and teen mother has equipped me with the ability to connect with young mothers on a deeper and more intimate level. When an opportunity comes up for me to share my story, I take it. Who knows? My words, lessons, and tips may stir them awake into doing something to transform their life.

The workshops I host and the speaking engagements I speak at are not just for young mothers. Anyone who has found themselves between a rock and hard place is welcome to join me. I would like nothing more than to help you find and take the right direction in your life.

VWant to Show You a Vision, Inspire You with My Talks, Motivate You to Change Directions, Share My Knowledge on How to Switch Directions, and Leave You Feeling Powerful

You can tune in to my radio show, “The L.O.V.E. Perspective” and stream my web series, “L.O.V.E. Design.” In the past, I have attended the E3 Forum as a speaker and have been a guest on WGN Chicago.

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