Let Me Help You Find Your Voice!


The coaching programs I offer:

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching with Alicia offers a convenient, safe, and confidential environment for clients who want to develop confidence, express their ideas and thoughts openly, receive self clarity, and support to establish their goals.

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VIP Days

We focus on resolving one or two issues causing you distress. VIP Days last for two days for six hours. Through in-depth discussions, we will work on coming up with effective strategies to overcome your challenges. A breakdown of what VIP Days entail:

  • Co-create your action plan
  • Recognize and navigate through your fears
  • Learn new thinking patterns
  • Come with strategies to attract clients, uncover opportunities, and increase your chances of getting a promotion or a pay raise

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Millionaire M.O.M. Unleashed

Through coaching, I want to help mothers who feel helpless and useless to find their voice. I want them to clear their heads of negative thoughts and clear their lives of negative people. Only way to do that is for them to find their voice—the voice that champions their desire to succeed in life instead of feeling sorry for themselves and their decisions.

It is not the time to look back and fill your head with regrets. It is a time to look forward and approach your life with a new and fresh outlook. Seek me out because I can help you find your voice. I can help you regain your confidence and become a Millionaire M.O.M Unleashed.

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