5 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

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5 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

With 2017 right around the corner, we have much to reflect on and be thankful for. Overall, we had a good year—a shaky start, a solid middle, and hopefully, a wonderful end. I said hopefully because towards of the year, most of us happen to become a little reckless. Why do you think people have a shaky start to begin with?

They ended their year on a bad note so they are going into the New Year on a bad note. This year, make it your ultimate goal to end the year and start the New Year on positive note. Here are some useful tips you can use to ensure the New Year starts with fireworks and a smile:

1. Create a Budget

The last month of the New Year is none other than December. Do you know what this means, right? Christmas shopping! When people go nuts with their Christmas shopping, which I say out of control Christmas shopping, it creates a dent in their bank account—a deep one at that.

Before you hit the stores, make a shopping list and list names of people who you want to buy a present for, this includes you. Come up with a budget by noting down how much you are planning to spend on each person’s gift. Just make sure you stick to the budget. Going into the New Year, you will at least know you are not hard for cash.

2. Control Your Portions

Is gaining weight during the holidays another nightmare you think will come true? You have control over the nightmare. You can make your nightmare into a pleasant dream by eating healthy and small portions at Christmas parties and festivities. One trick that always works for me is to drink a glass of water and eat a light meal before heading out. Since you will be partially full, you will eat less.

3. Network till You Drop!

Organizations and companies come out of hiding and enter the social circles towards the end of the year. They hold parties and events to celebrate the end of another year. If you have received some invitations, do not let them collect dust, but visit one or more. If you are looking to secure a job or a business opportunity and you have an invitation from a company, you have just hit the jackpot. With almost righty percent of jobs due to networking, you are bound to earn yourself a place in one of the companies. Networking is the key to unlock a fulfilling career. Do not let the opportunity slip through your hands.

4. Take Care of Your Remaining Tasks

Throughout the year, you have been good at completing one task after another. However, there is one task you may have side glanced and put aside several times. With the New Year approaching fast, you do not want to carry that task with you into 2017. Your goal is to start with clean slate, which putting aside your fears and taking on the challenging task you have been dreading since the day you put it on your to-do list.

5. Get a Head Start on the New Year

You need to start thinking about what you want to accomplish next year and for that, you need to switch your planning mode on. Note down all the goals you want to accomplish in 2017 along with the date you want to achieve them. To achieve the goals, you need to write down tasks that will help you accomplish them.

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